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    Here are the reduced electricity rates proposed by CEB

    The Ceylon Electricity Board has submitted its proposal to the Public Utilities Commission last Friday (07) for the revision of electricity tariffs from next month.

    It is according to the government’s policy of revising electricity tariffs quarterly every year.

    The Minister also said that the Public Utilities Commission will decide the final tariffs after evaluating the proposal on these tariffs and asking public opinion.

    Under this proposal, the fixed charges will remain the same and the consumption-based energy charges are proposed to be reduced.

    Accordingly, it has been proposed to reduce the monthly tariff for domestic electricity consumers as below.

    Between 0 and 30 units – Rs. 6 (Reduced by Rs. 2 from Rs. 8)
    Between 31 and 60 units – Rs. 9 (Reduced by Rs. 11 from Rs. 20)
    Between 61 and 90 units – Rs. 18
    Between 91 and 120 units – Rs. 30 (Reduced by Rs. 20 from Rs. 50)

    The new proposal to further reduce energy charges announced by Mr. Kanchana Wijesekera, the Minister of Electricity and Energy is as follows. This proposal aims to lower costs for the domestic sector, religious institutions, general-purpose users, and government buildings.

    EC – Energy Charge
    FC – Fixed Charge

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