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    A committee from the President to solve the salary disparities in the public service

    President Ranil Wickremesinghe has appointed an expert committee to deal with the salary discrepancies in the public service.

    The other members of this committee, chaired by a former presidential secretary Mr. Udaya Seneviratne are the Director General of the National Budget Department, S.D.J. Nilukshan, Director General of Management Services Department Hiransa Kaluthantri, Director General of Integrated Services S. Aloka Bandara, Institute Director General H.A. Chandana Kumarasinghe, Dr. Terence Gamini de Silva, Duminda Hulangamuwa, Chandi H. Dharmaratne and Isuru Thilakawardena.

    Presidential Additional Secretary G.L. Vernon Perera is the secretary of the committee.

    It’s assigned to this expert committee to review the salaries, wages and other remunerations in all sectors of the public service and submit recommendations regarding the amendments to be made for the same so that due consideration can be given to the wage disparities between different groups of employees in the public service and measures can be taken in the budget for the year 2025.

    This committee has the ability to obtain the support of government officials deemed necessary by the expert committee to fulfill that role and consult the necessary information.

    He has also instructed to give the report containing his recommendations in this regard to the President within 03 months.

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