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    Death toll rises to 07 in Nariyakanda accident – 19 injured

    The death toll from the accident in Diyathalawa has risen to 07, and 16 injured are being treated at Diyatalawa Hospital, and three are being treated at Badulla Hospital.

    A 16-year-old student is among the three receiving treatment at Badulla Hospital, and her condition is critical, according to hospital information.

    Investigations have revealed that a car that was traveling at a high speed of more than 160 kmph overturned and stopped on the track, and at the same time, the driver of the car that came behind could not see the overturned car due to the dust, so the car was thrown and fell on the spectators after the collision.

    Those who died in this accident are as follows.

    1. R. Abeynayake Army Soldier
    2. Ganesh Jayawardena
    3. Aruna Shanta Upali Gamage
    4. Ashen Heinatigala
    5. Udayakumar
    6. Sagittarius (8)
    7. Chaminda Niroshan (19)

    These people are residents of Embilipitiya, Matara, Dayabarawa Junction, and Seeduwa.

    It has been identified that Udayakumar (65) and Dhanushika (08), residents of Welimada Dayabarawa, are the grandmother and granddaughter who were among these dead people.

    Police say that among those injured in the accident are two army personnel who are undergoing treatment at the Diyathalawa Primary Hospital.

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