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    Many countries are urging restraint to de-escalate tensions in the Middle East region

    Representatives of many countries have requested the relevant parties to exercise restraint in order to prevent the situation from escalating in the Middle East region.

    On the morning of 14th, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Army said that missiles and drones were launched targeting Israel. The Israel Defense Forces said its fighters shot down several of the drones and missiles.

    Regarding this situation, the Russian Foreign Ministry, which issued a statement, asked all concerned parties to exercise restraint.

    Meanwhile, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, who had a telephone conversation with the American President on the 14th, has warned that any aggressive move by Israel will lead to the spread of conflicts in the Middle East region.

    The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that Israel’s attack on the Iranian embassy building in Syria violated international law.

    Also, China is also requesting to take measures to alleviate this situation.

    In addition, Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia are also urging the relevant parties to act with maximum restraint.

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