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    New Year’s gift from India – Onion ban lifted for Sri Lanka

    The Indian High Commission in Colombo says that the Indian government has lifted the onion export ban imposed on Sri Lanka.

    According to the notification of the Director General of Foreign Trade of India, the export of onions up to 10,000 metric tons has been allowed and the export of onions to Sri Lanka has also been allowed.

    While reiterating India’s ‘neighbour first’ policy, this relaxation of exports to Sri Lanka is a combination for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations in the country, the Indian High Commission said in a statement on Monday.

    Last month, India extended the ban on onion exports indefinitely, sending onion prices skyrocketing in some foreign markets.

    The ban imposed in December by India, the world’s largest vegetable exporter, was supposed to expire on March 31.

    Countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates usually depend on India’s imports to fill domestic gaps in onion supply.

    But after the ban, many of those countries were struggling with high prices.

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