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    An investigation on those who distorted a New Year’s song and released it on social media

    The Ministry of Cultural Affairs has started an investigation into the distortion of a Sinhala New Year song and its circulation on social media.

    A theme song prepared for the New Year Festival held by Independent Television in 2014 has been distorted in this way, by substituting other words.

    This investigation has been started on the instructions of the Minister of Cultural Affairs Mr. Vidura Wickramanayake.

    The Secretary of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs Mr. Somaratne Vidanapathirana stated that the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission was instructed to find out about the people who released the distorted song on social media and give a report.

    Accordingly, the Secretary of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs said that legal action will be taken against the people who distorted the song in question.

    As mentioned above, the song ‘Thun Hele Hada’ was sung by Mr. Rohana Beddage, composed by Mr. Sahan Ranwala, written by Mr. Geeth Tharanga and composed by Mr. Sadeeptha Gunawardena with the contribution of the Ranwala Force.

    The original song ‘Thun Hele Hada..’ is shown below.

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