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    A barrage of missiles to Israel – A notice about the Sri Lankans on board an airplane to Israel

    Mr. Nimal Bandara, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Israel, says that they are getting information about the Sri Lankans who were on a plane to Israel that was diverted in the face of the barrage of missiles and drone attacks by Iran last night (13).

    Flight FZ1625, belonging to Fly Dubai, was traveling from Dubai to Tel Aviv last night at 20.10. When the information about the airstrikes was revealed, the flight was diverted and flew to Dubai.

    He said that there were Sri Lankans who were going to visit Israel and that information about them is being disclosed.

    The Ambassador also said that Israel’s Iron Dome system was able to destroy all of them in the air even though Iran had targeted Israel with more than 500 shells and missiles last night (13).

    The ambassador’s statement said that apart from an injury to a little girl, no one in Israel has been reported to have suffered an accident.

    In view of the current situation, the time taken for the related journeys and the ticket fees have increased due to the fact that the flights that take place through Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, etc. countries bypass the region and travel to European countries through other routes.

    Therefore, Mr. Nimal Bandara informs the people who have obtained air tickets to travel to the Middle East region and European countries to check their air tickets again.

    He points out that there are delays in flights arriving and departing from Israel.

    The Ambassador also recalled that on April 13, 2024, the Bakmaha festival was successfully held at the Ganshakar Stadium in Jerusalem with the participation of about two thousand Sri Lankans.

    The ambassador further informs that all the Sri Lankans who came there had left for their residences after the Bakmaha celebration and that the Sri Lankan Embassy in Israel is constantly paying attention to the safety of the Sri Lankans here and not to create any unnecessary fear about their safety.

    Meanwhile, the country’s news reports indicate that the Israeli army announced that Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel in this unprecedented attack on Israel yesterday.

    Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said that 99% of these missile and shell launches were intercepted and destroyed.

    170 drones and 30 cruise missiles were shot down before reaching Israel, and some of the 110 ballistic missiles were intercepted. However, the reports also indicate that 12 people were injured.

    The forces had also said that this was a major escalation of the long-running secret war between the regional enemies.

    The Iranian president had stressed that any new aggression against Iran would be met with a heavy-handed response.

    President Joe Biden has stated that America will not join any Israeli attack against Iran.

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