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    “I am ready for any debate” – Sajith

    Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition and the leader of the Samagi Janabalawega, says that he is ready for any debate and he is also ready to challenge any party to come and serve the country in the competition with him, and bring development to the country.

    He also says that at this moment there is a talk in the society that there is a need for a debate about the issues of the country and that holding debates is a high quality of a democratic society.

    He mentioned that he is ready to debate on any topic in any field such as economic, social, political, international, etc. and that through debating, value should be added to the country and the people.

    Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, said that the time spent in the opposition should not be limited to debates and should serve the people.

    Opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa said this under the 140th phase of the Sakwala Smart Classrooms program today at Muththuiyankaddu Left Bank GTM School, Oddusudan, Mulathivu joining the occasion of providing a smart classroom worth 10 lakh rupees to the school. On this occasion, he also donated an amount of one lakh rupees to get the necessary books for the school.

    The Leader of the Opposition further said:

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