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    Import of vehicles will be allowed for the tourism industry

    The government has taken steps to allow the import of 1000 vans and buses to be used for transporting tourists.

    Accordingly, 750 6-15 seater vans (including electric and hybrid) and 250 16-30 seater minibuses and 30-45 seater buses will be allowed to be imported.

    The government says that the need to import essential vehicles for the growth of the tourism industry has been identified.

    However, it has not been revealed who is authorized to import these vehicles.

    It is generally accepted practice in the tourism industry that the age of vehicles used for transporting tourists does not exceed 06 years.

    However, due to the restriction on the import of vehicles and essential spare parts, the condition of the vehicles used for transportation in the tourism sector has been found to be unsatisfactory and inadequate.

    Also, the government says that it has been found that the use of outdated vehicles is causing some damage to Sri Lanka’s reputation as a leading tourist destination.

    Therefore, the government informs that this decision has been taken considering the contribution of the tourism industry in the economic revival process of Sri Lanka.

    The proposal presented by the Minister of Tourism and Lands was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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    1. Part of these Vehicle permits should be issued to the lisenced chauffeur guides with minimum of 10 years experience !
      Then half of it should go to the travel agents who are registered under Sri Lanka tourism !
      Those who are benifited shouldnt be counted for the next year or after when they issue new permits !

      • Exactly, if this is for tourism industry should give this benefit to the people who are occupying in the industry. 🙏🙏

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