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    “For every 100 doctors and nurses trained, 40 are leaving the country”

    President Ranil Wickramasinghe says that out of 100 trained doctors or nurses in Sri Lanka, 30-40 will leave the country and that this is not a good situation for the country.

    The President also mentioned that it is everyone’s responsibility to further improve the health service in this country, which has world-class health service, and contribute to the country’s economy in an optimal manner.

    President Ranil Wickramasinghe mentioned this yesterday (22nd) afternoon at the handing over of the “Accident and Emergency Treatment Unit” of Point Pedro Base Hospital built under the Dutch government’s DRIVE relief loan system.

    The President pointed out that he has also instructed the Sir John Kotalawala Defense University to increase the annual recruitment to meet the country’s medical and nursing needs, and that the necessary facilities for that training should be promoted.

    The President mentioned that the right to run a teaching hospital has been given to the Faculty of Medicine of Green University and “Lyceum Campus” has also made such a request.

    Also, the President also paid attention to maintaining a modern medical system by incorporating modern technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) into the health sector of this country.

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