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    Sri Lanka is on the right path to the 3rd installment of the IMF

    A staff-level agreement on economic policies has been reached between the International Monetary Fund and the Government of Sri Lanka, concluding the second review of the program with the International Monetary Fund.

    Accordingly, after the approval of this agreement by the management of the International Monetary Fund, Sri Lanka will be entitled to the third tranche financial facility of about 337 million US dollars.

    Mr. Peter Brewer, Head of the International Monetary Fund’s Senior Mission for Sri Lanka said that the results achieved by the reform program implemented by Sri Lanka are commendable.

    He said today while holding a press conference that Sri Lanka is making successful progress.

    The delegation of the International Monetary Fund mentioned that the inflation in Sri Lanka has fallen at a faster rate than expected, and the measures taken by the Sri Lankan government are commendable.

    Here is the announcement issued by the International Monetary Fund.

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