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    Only one opposition member attended the President’s discussion on the IMF

    President Ranil Wickramasinghe has said that the analytical data reports related to the International Monetary Fund’s extended credit program will be provided to the Tamil National Alliance which participated in today’s discussion and Parliament.

    The President also said that it is the government’s aim to conduct all related activities in a transparent manner when MP MA Sumanthiran said that reports with analytical data made by the International Monetary Fund should be submitted to the Parliament.

    The meeting of the opposition party leaders called by President Ranil Wickremesinghe to discuss the proposals of the International Monetary Fund was held at the President’s Office this morning (11).

    TNA MP MA Sumanthiran was present for this discussion.

    However, the Samagi Jana Balavega and the National Peoples’ Power, which were invited for this purpose, did not participate in this discussion.

    The government’s commitment has been emphasized here to reach decisions that all parties agree on in the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

    The President further stated that it is the government’s desire to continue working with the International Monetary Fund and said that he will invite MP Sumanthiran and other opposition MPs to a discussion in order to further discuss these proposals with the IMF.

    Mr. MA Sumanthiran, Member of Parliament stated that he is ready to participate in the discussions and said that he would give his support for a positive and correct program implemented by the government in the program with the International Monetary Fund.

    The Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Mahinda Siriwardena, has made a comprehensive explanation about the ongoing discussions with bilateral creditors, commercial creditors and international sovereign bond holders.

    He also said that it is expected to conclude this series of talks by the end of June this year.

    Central Bank Governor Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe said that the government is working to implement the recommendations made by the International Monetary Fund’s report on governance judgment and is committed to implementing a comprehensive structural program for that.

    Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha, Ministers of State for Finance Shehan Semasinghe and Ranjith Siambalapitiya, Presidential Senior Adviser on National Security and Chief of Presidential Staff Sagala Ratnayake, and President’s Secretary Saman Ekanayake attended the discussion.

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