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    Ramazan starts tomorrow

    The Colombo Grand Mosque has announced that Muslims in Sri Lanka will begin their Ramadan fast from the early hours of Tuesday (March 12) due to the sighting of the new crescent moon.

    This fasting period lasts for 30 or 29 days.

    Most of the world’s Muslim community, including Sri Lanka, starts the fasting season after seeing the new moon.

    Some Muslim communities start their Ramadan fast according to the astronomical calculation.

    Ramadan is the tenth month of the Islamic calendar after the month of Muharram, which begins the new year.

    The fasting period begins with the sighting of the new moon of Ramadan and ends with the dawn of Shawwal.

    Sri Lankans call this month Nombu month.

    Ramadan is also considered a month dedicated to forgiveness, practicing patience and other acts of kindness. Fasting should be observed in the same month.

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