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    A Special Discussion on the Problems of Management Service Officers

    A special discussion was held today (March 04) at the State Ministry with the officials of the State Provincial Public Management Service Officers’ Association, State Administration Provincial Councils and the Minister of State of the Ministry of Local Government, Mr. Janaka Wakkambura.

    Requesting for immediate solutions to many problems of the management service that have not been resolved for a long time.

    The union says that the minister, who accepted that these problems are very fair and just, promised to provide quick solutions to the rest of the issues, except for the issues related to wage disparity and salary increase.

    The following matters were also discussed at length.

    To recover the lost promotion system, to retrodate the service constitution to 2006, to fill up 7000 vacancies expeditiously, to conduct expeditiously the open competitive examination gazetted in July 2020, to eliminate the disparity in pay between parallel grades, to obtain MN 04 pay scale, Arrangements to return property loans, arrangements to conduct the competitive examination for recruitment to the administrative service on the basis of merit, making the necessary intervention to give appointments in the case of provincial councils that did not give higher grade appointments, arrangements to prevent the use of personnel from other services to perform the duties of our service contrary to the state administrative circulars, doing justice to the graduates who are currently in the service, conducting the necessary activities to study professional level and subject diplomas and degree courses for the management service.

    The director of the Sri Lanka Institute of Local Government, Dr. Surathissa Dissanayake, has been instructed at that moment to deal with this request promptly.

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