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    A Special Operation by Police to Curb Sexual Abuse in Public Transport Services

    A special operation has been launched by the police from today across the island to curb sexual abuse of children and women in public transport services.

    Deputy Inspector General of Police Child and Women Abuse Prevention Bureau Mrs. Renuka Jayasundara said that this special operation will be implemented taking into account the information received by the Minister of Public Security Tiran Alas and the Acting Inspector General of Police and the complaints reported to the police stations on a daily basis that children and women are sexually abused in public transport services.

    Through this operation, the Acting Inspector General of Police has given instructions to give more priority to carry out operations during the hours from 0800 hours to 1000 hours and from 1700 hours to 1900 hours, when the public mostly use public transport services.

    Here, groups of police officers dressed in civilian clothes will be arranged to travel in buses, and special attention will be paid to the streets, bus stops, railway stations etc.

    The police headquarters states that arrangements have been made to keep groups of police officers in uniforms (especially covering the main roads) ready to provide assistance to the officers travelling in civil clothes when they need assistance.

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