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    A Statement From the Secretary General Regarding the Arrest of 3 Parliamentary Employees

    The Secretary General of the Parliament Mrs. Kushani Rohanadeera has issued a statement regarding the media reports about the arrest of three junior staff members of the Parliament.

    The statement is given below.

    “After I was appointed as the Secretary General of the Parliament, it was reported to me about several incidents of alleged harassment of several women in the Housekeeping Department of the Parliament in 2022 and before, and accordingly, an internal investigation committee was appointed for further investigation in this regard under the instructions of the Honorable Speaker.

    I recently received the investigation committee report and forwarded it to the Honorable Attorney General for further advice. The Honorable Attorney General who studied the said report was advised that it is necessary to report an initial complaint regarding the incident.

    Accordingly, after I forwarded the relevant report to the Inspector General of Police, the relevant arrest was made according to the investigations conducted by the Police Children and Women’s Bureau.

    Therefore, this arrest was made after the report of the committee appointed by me was forwarded to the Honorable Attorney General, and according to his instructions, it was forwarded to the Inspector General of Police and according to the investigations carried out by the Police Children and Women’s Bureau.

    Further, we would like to mention that the top management including me will not hesitate to act according to the existing law of the country regarding any illegal act committed by any person of any rank in the Parliament or before my service period, and we are constantly receiving the guidance and instructions of the Honorable Speaker for that.”

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