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    The Next School Term is Delayed

    The Ministry of Education says that the second phase of the 03rd term of the school year 2023 in government schools and government-approved private (Sinhala and Tamil) schools will start on the 5th.

    Earlier, it was decided to start the second phase of the 3rd school term of 2023 on the 1st of February.

    It has been decided to re-conduct both parts of the GCE A/L Agricultural Science papers due to the leaking of some questions before the examination.

    This new decision about the school term has been taken due to the decision of the examination department to conduct the Agricultural Science question paper of the A/L examination on the 01st of February.

    Accordingly, the second part of the agricultural science question paper is scheduled to be held from 08.30 am to 11.40 am on the 1st of February.

    The first part will be held on the same day from 01.00 pm to 03.00 pm.

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