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    Susil Prepares to Cultivate in Colleges (Vidyapeeta)

    Mr. Susil Premajanyantha, the Minister of Education, said that cultivation should be done in all colleges (Vidyapeeta).

    Accordingly, he also mentioned that steps should be taken urgently to carry out cultivations that can be used on a daily basis within the available spaces in the 19 college campuses.

    The minister said here that during the six months that there is no snow in countries with extremely cold climates, people are contributing to the economic growth by engaging in potted cultivation even in the corridors of apartment complexes. It was also emphasized that the entire people should be properly prepared to overcome future disasters such as climate change.

    He also said that the era of spending time in queues a year and a half ago to get essential services such as fuel and gas should be recalled.

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