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    A Proposal from the President to Establish New Investment Zones

    The proposal presented by the President to the Cabinet for the development of new investment zones has been approved.

    Accordingly, new investment zones are to be established in the North, East, North-West and Southern provinces.

    Another suggestion is to establish new investment zones at Mankulam, Paranthan Chemicals Company Premises and Kankasanthurai Cement Corporation Premises.

    In the meantime, the President has also proposed to introduce new investment zones in Iranavila and Trincomalee.

    Meanwhile, Bingiriya and Hambantota investment zones are to be further expanded.

    Accordingly, the relevant cabinet resolution further states that the Asian Development Bank has agreed to provide the necessary technical support for the establishment of the proposed economic zones.

    For that, the proposal presented to develop the said investment zones based on a suitable public private partnership model has been approved.

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