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    British Government to Raise the Minimum Wage Requirements for Immigrants

    The British government has decided to introduce a new package to reduce the number of immigrants coming to the UK.

    Accordingly, this package also includes a plan to raise the minimum wage that will be required for foreign workers to qualify for a work visa in the future.

    With the rapid increase in the number of immigrants who came to Britain in the last year, it has been decided to increase the minimum wage that people who migrate to the country for work should earn by one third.

    Accordingly, the Minister of Internal Affairs, James Cleverly, said that the British government will raise the minimum wage limit for foreign skilled workers from the existing twenty six thousand two hundred pounds to thirty eight thousand seven hundred pounds.

    However, the trade unions have stated that this decision will have a negative impact on the current shortage of workers in the British public and private health services.

    Immigrants have become a strong topic in the British political scene and critics say that this decision taken by Sunak, the current Prime Minister of the country, who is a child of an immigrant family, was simply taken to stabilize his political future.

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