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    “Can’t wait any longer.. the enemy is at the door.” – President Tells the World (📹)

    President Ranil Wickramasinghe emphasizes to the international community that it is essential for the countries of the world to act quickly to minimize climate change in order to ensure the survival of the earth.

    Addressing the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP28, the President said that a decisive agreement on whether ready or not to take the lead should be reached at this year’s COP28 conference.

    The President pointed out that this cannot be delayed at all and the enemy is at the door.

    The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP28 main conference started yesterday (01) at Expo City in Dubai with the participation of heads of state and representatives of 54 countries.

    The following video shows the President’s full speech at the COP28 conference.

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