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    Drone operation begins – Dengue risk reduces in Gampaha

    Gampaha District Secretary, District Governor Mr. Saman Darshana Pandikorala says that the spread of dengue in Gampaha district has decreased by about 50%.

    He said that this control has taken place due to the actions taken by the relevant departments including the health departments, local government agencies, regional secretariats and the three armed forces in the past.

    He says that this situation can be controlled if these measures are taken for more than 03 weeks.

    Although most of the cases are reported from Wattala, Negombo, Kelaniya areas, there is a tendency to decrease the numbers to some extent.

    In Gampaha city yesterday morning (25), dengue inspection and application of anti-larvae substances using drone technology was started in high-risk areas.

    Surveillance drone cameras will first identify mosquito breeding sites in tall buildings and then apply insecticides.

    To prevent the risk of dengue, the general public is requested to clean their house and surrounding environment regularly.

    The district secretary emphasized that this is not a task that can be done by the health department or the police alone, otherwise the police and health departments have been informed to implement the law.

    A number of mosquito-breeding sites in tall buildings were identified during this inspection.

    Gampaha Health Medical Officer Mr. Rohana Ranasinghe said that legal action will be taken against the owners of all those places.

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    1. Must thank all those who got involved in clearing Dengu, but the most important is to educate people and assist people with proper awareness programs, rather than threatening. ” WHO WANTS TO DIE OR GET SICK” . Educate guide and help so that, ” the thinking of keeping where i live clean to be the number one objective. ” Not to get scared of punishment and to do things.Thaks

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