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    America agrees to give Ukraine F-16 fighter jets

    In a significant development for Kyiv, the United States has announced its decision to permit its Western allies to supply advanced fighter jets, including American-made F-16s, to Ukraine, providing a major boost to the country. The announcement was made by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who stated that President Joe Biden informed his G7 counterparts about this decision during the summit in Japan. Furthermore, US troops will be involved in training Ukrainian pilots to operate these jets. President Volodymyr Zelensky hailed the decision as historic, as Ukraine has long sought advanced aircraft.

    Countries can only resell or re-export American military hardware if the US approves it, so this decision clears the way for other nations to send their existing stocks of F-16s to Ukraine.

    Although it seems increasingly likely that Ukraine will eventually receive the advanced jets it so desperately wants, no government has so far confirmed it will send them to Kyiv.

    Up until now, the focus of the US and its allies has been on providing Ukraine with necessary offensive systems, weaponry, and training for spring and summer operations. This decision aligns with Washington’s long-term commitment to Ukraine’s self-defense. According to Mr. Sullivan, the training will progress in the upcoming months, and in collaboration with allied nations, decisions regarding the delivery, transporters, and quantities of planes will be made.

    Concerns have been raised by some NATO member countries regarding the potential escalation of the conflict and a direct confrontation with Russia if fighter jets are provided to Ukraine. However, the US and its allies remain committed to supporting Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

    In the past season, the United States had even taken steps to provide its most advanced Patriot air defense systems. While providing those systems, Western governments as well as Western media mentioned that these air defense systems will be a big challenge for Russia.
    However, in the past, Russia managed to destroy several of those systems with their high-tech missile attacks. In this regard, Ukraine said that it was not attacked.

    But videos circulated around the world revealed that the Patriot’s defense system had been destroyed. Meanwhile, according to the report, Russia has been able to destroy the air defense systems provided by the West using the deadly drones or Kamakazi drones supplied to Russia by Iran.

    Although the Western media refrained from reporting this information, it was revealed by the videos published on the Internet that Russia has managed to destroy the air defense systems established to destroy the Kamakasi drones in the air using the same drones.

    The destruction of air defense systems worth millions by these drones, which can be produced at a cost of about one hundred US dollars, has cast doubt on the effectiveness of US defense systems.

    Meanwhile, Russia has also taken steps to destroy the radar systems installed on the Ukrainian battlefield, and independent military analysts point out that these attacks are very successful. But a few months ago, the Batahari media reported that the Russian forces fought with shovels due to lack of ammunition.

    Accordingly, great problems have been created regarding the accuracy of the reports published by the Western media regarding the Ukrainian military conflicts.

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