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    Fight between a member of parliament and a judge of the Puttalam Kathi Court

    A conflict between Member of Parliament Ali Sabri Rahim and Puttalam Kathi Court Magistrate Mohammad Ramantullah took place last night.

    The Puttalam police say that the conflict took place at the house of Mr. Ali Sabri Rahim’s daughter.

    The judge of the Kathi Court has complained to the Puttalam police that the MP and his son-in-law assaulted him after inviting him to a friendly discussion held at the MP’s daughter’s house. He is currently undergoing treatment at Puttalam Hospital.

    Meanwhile, MP Ali Sabri has also come to the Puttalam police and complained that he was assaulted by the Kathi court judge. He told the police that his chest was hurting and left saying that he was going to hospital.

    The police say that an investigation is going on in this regard.

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