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    08 people including a monk were arrested in Belihull Oya

    A group of 08 people, including a monk, who were traveling in two cars with three Buddha statues which were said to have been recovered from a treasure, have been arrested by a group of Kiritibandarapura police officers near Belihul Oya bridge.

    Police say that there are two women among these eight.

    According to information received by the police, the two cars were inspected yesterday. There, 03 Buddha statues were found in the two cars.

    The arrested monk is in a temple located in Akiriyagala, Kegalle. The police say that he is a teacher. A resident of Keenawala who runs a foreign employment agency is also among those arrested.

    Police say that the rest of the suspects are residents of Galle, Meerigama, Meegoda, Kumbulgamuwa, Keerthibandarapura, Wayangoda, and Meegoda.

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