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    New rules are coming to electronic media

    The government has decided to introduce a new broadcasting law to create a media culture that is accountable to the public and to introduce a code of ethics for electronic media.

    It was decided at the Cabinet meeting held yesterday to appoint a Cabinet Sub-Committee under the chairmanship of the Minister of Justice, Prison Affairs and Constitutional Reforms to make suitable recommendations for that purpose.

    Due to the current absence of a basic law to regulate the content of television, radio and new media in Sri Lanka, various parties sometimes have to face various problems in issuing licenses for such media and broadcasting audio-visual content.

    Various problems have arisen in the country in recent times due to the unethical way in which certain media are promoting hateful ideas among the people.

    Therefore, the Minister of Media has submitted this proposal to the Cabinet to introduce a new broadcasting law, taking into account the changes currently taking place in the technical and legal fields while protecting the maximum freedom of speech and expression.

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