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    President’s decision to reduce taxes on imported sanitary napkins

    The President has informed the concerned parties to reduce the fees and taxes imposed on imported sanitary napkins.

    Accordingly, Minister of State for Women and Children’s Affairs Mrs. Geetha Kumarasinghe said in the Parliament today (21) that the Port Aviation Development Tax, Cess Tax and Customs Fees currently imposed on imported sanitary napkins have been reduced.

    The Minister of State pointed out that after the decision on this matter is gazetted, the sellers of sanitary napkins will have to sell them at the old prices.

    She also said that a local manufacturer in Sri Lanka has already expressed interest in providing sanitary napkins at a price of Rs. 150 for School girls monthly.

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    1. Why imported sanitary napkins? The locally produced ones are quite good. It would be better to help the local producers to increase their output by giving them the required raw materials at lower prices. This would boost
      The local producer snd help others in many ways. Just my opinion.

    What do you think?

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