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    Airbus and Qatar Airways get involved in a Standoff

    Airbus, one of the world’s leading passenger aircraft manufacturers, has been embroiled in a standoff with Qatar Airways.

    Accordingly, Airbus has decided to cancel the agreement to supply 50 A321 Neo aircraft to Qatar Airways.

    The deal, which was canceled by Airbus, is valued at more than $ 6 billion and has been the subject of a long-running dispute between the two companies.

    The collision was caused due to a fall off the paint layers on the hulls of Airbus A350S aircraft supplied by Airbus to Qatar Airways.

    Qatar Airways filed a lawsuit against Airbus in a London court last December over the leaking of ink on the aircraft.

    Qatar Airways has also alleged that a copper net designed to protect the aircraft from lightning was exposed after the paint on the hulls of the aircraft was fallen.

    The airline further said that the paint spill has posed a serious threat to the aircraft and the lives of its passengers.

    Qatar Airways has also demanded $ 600 million in compensation from Airbus for failing to use 21 aircraft.

    Airbus has stated in court regarding the allegations made by Qatar Airways that there was no basis for Qatar Airways not to use their aircraft.

    Meanwhile, Airbus has accused Qatar Airways of minimizing its losses in the wake of the financial crisis caused by the Corona epidemic.
    However, according to an investigative report published by the Reuters news agency, five other airlines have also reported leaks of paint on the A350S model aircraft since 2016.

    Meanwhile, Qatar Airways yesterday released a video of the plane that lost its paint on social media.

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