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    ‘Foreigners Only’ policy is no more

    The Tourism Development Authority says they will revoke the licenses of tourism related shops if they report any discrimination against Sri Lankan citizens for using the ‘foreigners only’ policy.

    The authority said in a statement that they had received such complaints and had taken action.

    The Authority reminds that local tourists have been with the local tourism industry during difficult times and that it is our citizens who have supported this industry throughout.

    The announcement also said that the tourism industry should be grateful for this as partners in the industry.

    They point out that discrimination should not be allowed on disability regarding access to shops and public restaurants,
    Liabilities, Restrictions or imposing conditions on hotels, public places of entertainment, and places of worship.

    The Authority also states that they will not hesitate to suspend or revoke the license, if there is a formal complaint and it appears that changes have been made, including informing tourists and notifying online travel agencies to refrain from booking those establishments.

    At the same time, the authority urges local tourists to take good care of their property and comply with hotel requirements.

    Tourist agencies can lodge a complaint against such visitors who do not care about the property or do not comply with the stated requirements of the institution and the Authority will take necessary action against such visitors.

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