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    Illegal appointments are immediately cancelled

    The Election Commission has written to all provincial governors to cancel the illegal appointments immediately.

    The commission says that although the local government election has been postponed, the local government election law is currently in force.

    Accordingly, the commission insists that no political party, candidate or group should be promoted during the period in which the said law is in force.

    Despite this, the election observers have submitted complaints that some provincial governors have appointed former local government representatives and candidates who have submitted nominations for the local government elections to oversee the development of local government institutions.

    Accordingly, the Election Commission has informed the provincial governors to cancel the appointments that have been made and to refrain from canceling the appointments that have been prepared.

    The Election Commission stated that the President’s Secretary was also informed in writing in this regard.

    Meanwhile, the Election Commission said that the provincial chief secretaries and local government commissioners have been informed in writing to immediately stop the misuse of state resources in the local government bodies.

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