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    “This year’s presidential election is certain”

    President Ranil Wickremesinghe has emphasized that there are no intentions to postpone or extend the presidential term, affirming that the election will be held as planned. Cabinet Spokesman and Minister Bandula Gunawardena conveyed this message, responding to concerns raised during the weekly institutional heads meeting about a petition filed in court that could potentially delay the election.

    Minister Gunawardena stated, “There is no reason to make any decisions about the presidential election outside the constitutional procedures. As the Cabinet Spokesman, I am frequently questioned by the media on this matter. Therefore, I personally inquired from the President whether someone might go to court to obtain a decision to postpone the election. The President clearly stated that as per the constitution, a new president must be elected by October 17th. Consequently, funds have been allocated in the 2024 budget to hold the presidential election. The President has assured that there are no expectations of delaying the election.”

    He further added that the rumors are politically fabricated stories intended to manipulate public opinion and incite protests and strikes to create disorder. President Wickremesinghe is committed to holding the election as scheduled, with necessary funds allocated and the Election Commission granted full freedom to determine the election dates as per their authority. Therefore, institutional heads should not be misled by false claims from various individuals.

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