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    What happened to the 50 crore rupees received by Cardinal?

    Conflicting opinions are emerging on social media regarding the funds allegedly received by the Cardinal to distribute to the victims of the Easter attack.

    The controversy stems from a contradiction between a statement made by Father Jude Krishantha, Communications Director of the Colombo Archdiocese, and an official statement by the Sethsarana Institute published in the Gnanartha Pradipaya newspaper.

    On June 21, Father Jude Krishantha announced that over 50 crore rupees collected for the victims of the Easter attack are currently being distributed. He mentioned that although the distributions were not publicized, the funds received by the Cardinal were spent through the Sethsarana Institute, which operates under him.

    However, the Gnanartha Pradipaya newspaper had published a statement two months earlier indicating that the Sethsarana Institute had distributed only Rs. 33 crores (328,898,010/= rupees). However, taking with the collection distributed in the last two months, Father Jude Krishantha says that Rs. 46 crores have been distributed.

    This discrepancy has sparked discussions on social media, particularly because the Cardinal has not provided a clear statement about the total amount collected and the exact amount spent on the Easter victims. The perception that the Catholic Church conducts its affairs very secretly, in line with Christian teachings, has further fueled curiosity and speculation.

    This situation underscores the need for transparency and clear communication from the involved parties to resolve the confusion and address the concerns of the public.

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