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    “We don’t want a puppet government that dances to the IMF”

    Opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa says that we do not need a puppet government that dances to the tune of the IMF.

    Speaking in Parliament today, he said that the country should come out of the abyss it has fallen into by joining the IMF, but the agreement should be negotiated from the people’s side, and it is unfair to impose a property tax by using the IMF.

    The opposition leader has alleged that the government is imposing various taxes to achieve the state’s revenue targets without doing things like proper tax administration, inclusion of groups that are not caught in the taxes, and digitization.

    The leader of the opposition said that nearly Rs. 800 billion in loans have been cut off to the rich, tycoons, and cronies of this country.

    He alleges that even though the list is not revealed as confidential, Parate Law is being gazetted and the properties of common people are being auctioned.

    Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the opposition leader, further said that it is illegal to tax the property unless the country is collecting the money owed to the country from the rich who have not paid their debts.

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