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    Changes to the grade 5 scholarship examination

    Minister of Education Dr. Susil Premajayantha says that in the future, the marks of the 5th grade scholarship exam cannot be taken from the exam alone.

    The minister revealed that 30% of the marks in the 5th grade scholarship examination should be earned in the classroom during the 4th-5th grade.

    He said that it is the teacher’s responsibility to assess it properly and the monitoring is done by the school boards.

    The 1-6-10 pilot projects will begin in 2025 when the education reforms are implemented.

    The minister said that according to these education systems, which have been designed taking into account the new world education trends, children will have the opportunity to get their first degree at the age of 21, post-graduate at the age of 23 and doctorate at the age of 27.

    It was also said that only science graduate teachers produced by the university which combines all 19 colleges are expected to be sent to schools from 2028 onwards.

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