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    Be careful when buying chicken these days!

    According to the Consumer Affairs Authority, chickens that have died due to flooding are being sold in the market these days.

    Mr. Sanjay Irasinghe, the director of its raids and investigations department, requests the people to pay more attention in buying chicken these days.

    Mr. Sanjay Irasingha also said that consumption of such chicken meat is harmful to the body.

    “We have received information about a racket that cleans, packs and sells dead chickens caught in the flood. We have been cautious about this for the past few days and have conducted raids. This is done all over the island. Check for this when buying chicken. Especially the chickens raised for meat are white in color. But these chickens are accustomed to red. No matter how hot it is boiled, germs may not be killed. If you have any information about this, inform the customer service authority immediately.”

    “There are many warehouses around the Kelani River. On YouTube and Facebook, there are advertisements that they will bring goods online at a very low price if there are places that have been affected by floods. Don’t fall for this. These are not made for consumption. Please call 1977 to notify them.”

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