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    Even when there is a ban on imports, a lot of vehicles have come to the market

    State Minister for Finance Dr. Ranjith Siambalapitiya says that 44,430 vehicles were released to the market during the period of the import ban.

    The minister pointed out that 38,144 motorcycles and 6,286 cars are among them.

    This information was revealed in a discussion held at the Ministry of Finance with a group of local vehicle manufacturers.

    Although there is a ban on the import of vehicles, the assembly and sale of parts is still going on.

    Many representatives of many local vehicle manufacturing companies were present for this discussion.

    It has been discussed in depth about giving permission for vehicle imports.

    Representatives of vehicle manufacturing companies have indicated that they should also focus on their local assembly businesses when import restrictions are lifted.

    They said that the imposition of these import restrictions for the production of vehicles in Sri Lanka has been a stimulus and said that a country’s initiation of vehicle production is a long-term process.

    The Minister of State has mentioned that the government is constantly supporting the strengthening of local businesses.

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