HomeBreaking"Estates cannot be taken back - Wages cannot be increased"

    “Estates cannot be taken back – Wages cannot be increased”

    Mr. Roshan Rajadurai, Chairman of the Ceylon Planters’ Association Media Committee, says that they will not accept the increase in the wages of plantation workers and there is no possibility of canceling the lease agreements and returning the plantations to the government.

    Mr. Roshan Rajadurai said this while responding to the government’s notification to pay Rs.1350 and another Rs. 300 stipend as the minimum wage for plantation workers from June 1.

    He said this in response to the statements made in a press release by the Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment Mr. Manusha Nanayakkara.

    “The government suddenly increased the wages of plantation workers by 70%. We strongly condemn this. This is a short-sighted arbitrary decision. The government cannot take over the estates at will. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission rules and the Companies Act, the government is not allowed to do such a thing at will.” said Mr. Rajadurai.

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