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    A strange theft related to a vehicle dealer

    The Alavathugoda Police have started a comprehensive investigation regarding the theft of a money bag worth 170 lakh rupees which was said to have been kept in his Prado type Jeep belonging to a person who came to Sri Lanka after working in Japan for some time and is engaged in the business of buying and selling vehicles.

    The businessman reported the theft to the police yesterday (10) night.

    The 40-year-old businessman, who is a resident of Matale, told the police that a few days ago, he visited a bank in Matale and withdrew 170 lakh rupees. It has also been mentioned that he got the money with the expectation of buying a vehicle.

    The money in a bag was kept in his Prado vehicle.

    As there was another lack of money to buy the vehicle, this businessman went to a house in Akurana, Udawelikatiya in Alawathugoda police domain to collect the amount of 4 lakh rupees that was due to him from a person. The businessman also told the police that a group of people attacked him after an incident.

    The businessman told the police that he went to the Akurana hospital to get treatment for the injuries caused by the assault and that the money bag in the car was missing when he was checking.

    The police arrested two suspects in connection with the attack yesterday. The police say that they are 24 and 30 years old residents of Akurana.

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