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    “An SJB government will create a million businesses”

    Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition and the leader of Samagi Jana Balawega, says that a government of Samagi Jana Balawega will create 10 lakh new micro, small and medium scale businessmen.

    He suggests fostering an export-oriented economy through a friendly network of business entrepreneurs to bring in more dollars for the country.

    Opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa said this while addressing the youth conference of Samagi Jana Balawega held near Katupotha lake in Kuliyapitiya today (17).

    The opposition leader announced that the youth charter presented by Samagi Jana Balawega in the 2019 presidential election will be updated and modernized. The party will collaborate with the youth to present the revised charter this year as well.

    He said that although the promises of politicians who follow the traditional pattern may not be believed, the Samagi Jana Balawega changed the traditional political system and showed that it was working without a force from the opposition.

    Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the opposition leader, said that the ‘Sakwala’ & ‘Husma’ programs have already been implemented with great success as a model of the program that Samagi Jana Balawegaya will do outside of the standard political system.

    Speaking further, Mr. Sajith Premadasa said:

    “We have the solution people are looking for.”

    The opposition leader said that by giving the opportunity to Samagi Jana Balawega, which is serving the country without power for the first time in this country, it can do great service to the country and the youth and under a Samagi Jana Balawega government, the solution and answer that the people expect will definitely be provided.

    “We are not presenting a promissory note, but a social contract.”

    The opposition leader said that even if he presents a promise sheet like other politicians, it will be transformed into a social contract that is not limited to promises and the social contract made among the youth will be turned into a social contract that will bring prosperity to the country and the people.

    “A youth is first in building the economy.”

    The opposition leader said that there will be a positive change in the education sector in this country and the youth will be given priority to build the economy and all legal provisions will be created for the freedom of the youth and it will be made a human right to live a healthy life for a healthy generation.

    The leader of the opposition said that instead of outdated education, an education system that provides solutions to the problems will be created and a new syllabus will be created in the country that will teach English and computer science and all 10126 schools will be transformed into 10126 schools of the highest quality in the world and this will be done for the sake of the country’s children and youth.

    “A million campaigns aimed at youth.”

    Also, the opposition leader said that 10 lakh new micro, small and medium-scale businessmen will be created and the necessary capital, access to development at an affordable cost, facilities to enter the export market for goods and services, as well as create a group of friendly business entrepreneurs and work to get dollars for our country through the export-oriented economy.

    “Creating a country with maximum freedom for the youth.”

    In addition to empowering the youth by providing free teaching facilities in English, Chinese, Japanese languages, IT and computer technology at the regional secretariat level, the right to express speech and practice a religion of their choice, the right to join a political party of their choice, and fight peacefully and democratically for fairness and justice. The opposition leader said here that the right to freedom, the most valuable resource of the youth will be preserved.

    Below is the video of the SJB Youth Conference held in Katupotha.

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