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    Issues are rising at the port when the economy is about to recover

    Due to the industrial action initiated by the customs unions since last Friday, a large number of containers have been blocked in the port inspection yards, said the Container Transport Vehicle Owners Association.

    Its chairman Mr. Sanath Manjula said that more than 600 port containers have been stuck so far.

    In this regard, Customs Media Spokesperson Mr. Sivali Arukgoda stated that although the trade union action is ongoing, service work is going on in several essential services.

    Mr. Sivali Arukgoda said that the Ministry of Finance was informed about this.

    Last Friday, several customs unions started industrial action by withdrawing from overtime services.

    It was protesting the transfer of an account under the Director General of Customs to the Ministry of Finance.

    The Association of Customs Officers, the Association of Superintendents of Customs and the Association of Customs Staff Officers are included in this professional action.

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