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    A Ship With More Than 2000 People is Stranded at Sea due to a Mysterious Disease

    More than 2,000 people aboard a Norwegian passenger ship are stranded off the coast of Mauritius due to mysterious illnesses, according to foreign reports.

    Several passengers on a South African tour have been quarantined after suffering from stomach ailments on board.

    However, the authorities have decided to prevent any other passengers from disembarking from this massive ship until the test results of these patients arrive.

    Norwegian Cruise Line said a small number of guests on the ship began experiencing symptoms of a stomach illness earlier this week.

    The ship was on a 12-day voyage from Cape Town to Port Lewis.

    According to the Mauritius Port Authority, the Norwegian Dawn, carrying 2,184 people and 1,026 crew members, was scheduled to arrive at Port Louis, Mauritius yesterday (25).

    But the ship missed its stop on Reunion Island, so it arrived in Port Louis early.

    The Mauritius Ports Authority said on Sunday that the authorities said the ship could not dock there.

    The Mauritius Ministry of Health has taken samples from about 15 passengers aboard the ship.

    The authority said they were isolated in the ship due to the existing health risk.

    It will take about 48 hours for health officials to receive the test results of the 15 passengers they tested.

    The Norwegian shipping company said in a statement that Mauritius will not allow anyone to leave or board the ship until the investigation is completed, which is until tomorrow.

    Some 2,279 new passengers were due to board the ship in Port Louis on Sunday.

    The Mauritius Port Authority says that it has not yet been done in view of the situation.

    US-based Norwegian Cruise Line said it would offer guests free hotel accommodation ‘until they can board the ship’.

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