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    Extreme Heat for 8 Districts – Follow These Precautions Before Going Out

    According to the Department of Meteorology, the heat felt by the human body in 8 districts of the island today and tomorrow is expected to be at a level that requires ‘attention’.

    Thus, the districts of Gampaha, Colombo, Kurunegala, Puttalam, Anuradhapura, Trincomalee, Polonnaruwa, Hambantota will be affected by the hot weather.

    It is also warned that the heat index may increase to a value between 39 and 45 degrees Celsius in some places of those districts.

    Therefore, a warning notice has been issued that exposure to sunlight and activities can cause fatigue.

    Also, engaging in activities in the sun can cause heat cramps due to dehydration and salivation.

    Heat exhaustion can occur due to high temperature and there is a risk of suffering from heat stroke due to the weakening of the body’s temperature regulation process.

    In the last 24 hours, Ratnapura district was affected by the highest temperature in the island, which was 37.4 degrees Celsius.

    The photos below show how dry weather may affect the country today and tomorrow.

    In the meantime, it is worth paying attention of the school authorities to the recommendations to reduce the negative effects of the hot weather on the school children.

    1. Muscle spasms due to dehydration and salivation due to sweating – (Heat Cramps) – Muscle pain and twitching in limbs and abdomen.
      First Aid – Stop all activity and rest in a cool place and drink plenty of water (half a glass every 15 minutes).
    2. Overexertion due to high temperature –
      (Heat Exhaustion) Profuse sweating, body weakness, fainting
      First Aid – Stop all activity and rest in a cool place and drink plenty of water (half a glass every 15 minutes). Bathing, moisturizing the body with cool water.
    3. Heat stroke caused by the impairment of the body’s temperature regulation process.
      High body temperature, increased pulse rate and increased respiratory rate, unconsciousness, headache, convulsions, fainting.
      First aid – move to a cool shady place, remove unnecessary tight clothing from the body and loosen, moisten the body with cool water.

    This is a very dangerous condition and should be referred for medical advice.
    In such a case, call 1990 and take action to get the assistance of Suvasarya Ambulance Service or the ambulance of Lagama Hospital.

    Due to the prevailing high temperature weather condition, the following extreme results can occur and the following measures can be taken for that.

    • Risks can be minimized by following the following recommendations while engaging in school activities.
    • Avoid outdoor/playground activities during extreme temperatures.
    • Students should avoid spending time outside in strong sunlight and playing sports during recess.
    • It is best to take two short rest periods to drink more water and relieve fatigue.
    • Preventing students from going out in the afternoon when it is too hot. (at school as well as at home)
    • Avoiding inter-house sports matches and training on hot days.


    • Providing enough drinking water and directing students to drink more clean water. It is best to give cool water whenever possible.
    • If the school does not have adequate water facilities, alternative methods should be used. (Available by the District Disaster Management Co-ordinating Officers to assist the District Secretary.)
    • Keeping the doors and windows open and taking necessary measures to get good ventilation for the classrooms. If fans are used, doors and windows must be kept open for fresh ventilation.
    • Shifting of classrooms in storied buildings/ tin-roofed buildings to temporary buildings with suitable conditions.

    Personal preparation of students

    • If necessary, the tie should be untied or the knot of the tie should be loosened.
    • Minimize body harness wear.
    • Use a good head covering or umbrella in high light environments.
    • Black colored clothes should not be worn.
    • Carry a clean water bottle every time you go out of the house.
    • It is advisable to increase water intake more than normal days, use orange, kurumba, instead of water. Sugary drinks should not be consumed under any circumstances.
    • If adverse symptoms occur due to high temperature, immediate medical advice should be sought by notifying a teacher or adult.

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