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    An Investigation on the Request to Remove Dr. Bellana

    The Minister of Health has ordered an investigation into the request made by a group of employees to remove the Deputy Director of the Colombo National Hospital, Dr. Rukshan Bellana from that position.

    Health Minister Dr. Ramesh Pathirana said that he informed the Director General of Health Services about this.

    The minister points out that the support of all the employees currently working is essential to maintain the health sector and he rejects Rukshan Bellana’s statements.

    The minister has emphasized that the service of all is essential to the health sector without any distinction between junior and senior.

    As this is a time when the country as well as the people are suffering, he requests everyone to think carefully and support in order to prevent the health service from collapsing.

    The minister said that a discussion has been facilitated with the Ministry of Finance related to the request of the trade unions and therefore the decision should be taken by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health should only provide the necessary background.

    A discussion will be held today between the relevant trade unions and the Ministry of Finance regarding the demands of the strike which was carried out by 72 trade unions in the health sector in recent days.

    The unions had said that they would resume the strike if the negotiations failed.

    Due to this strike action by the services other than doctors, many hospitals across the country maintained their activities with the intervention of army troops.

    Protesting against the insulting remarks made by Dr. Rukshan Bellana saying that minor employees are not essential to health care, a group of minor employees at the Colombo National Hospital detained the doctor in his office and protested, and the police anti-riot unit had to be called to control it.

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