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    “Those who sacrificed 60,000 lives to the false anti-India movement are visiting India today”

    Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment Mr. Manusha Nanayakkara said that the five classes used by the political forces that misguided the youths have been changed and Indian opposition has been removed from those five classes.

    Finally, they became friends with India and those who sacrificed sixty thousand lives to oppose India are going on trips to India today, said the minister while joining the Smart Youth program of the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ initiative held in Moneragala.

    The minister who further commented said:

    “Deputy Minister Jagath Pushpa Kumara, who spoke a while ago, told you a story. A historical story. Even at that time, our young people were led astray in fairy worlds by telling different stories and causing great destruction. Finally, 60,000 young men and women were lost to our country due to an Indian protest. At that time, there were many amendments like the Education White Paper to change the education. 60,000 of our youth and educated people who came to the streets against them, the most talented ones who were in the universities of this country, were lost. But we have the question whether they have got the world they were looking for.

    The situation then has changed to what it is today. The political forces that misled the youth have changed the five prominent classes that have been used for it. Indian opposition has left those five classes. Finally, they have become friends with India. But 60,000 young lives have been lost to the country. I reminded that as young people, some people try to use your youth and radicalism for things that are not good for you and the country. That’s why you should be careful. However, instead of accusing the past of 75 years, we should think about what we should do to build up these young people.

    That’s why we started the Smart Youth program. We informed the Governors and formed a “Smart Youth” committee in every divisional secretariat in collaboration with the Department of Manpower and Security in all Divisional Secretariat jurisdictions. In the future, we will ask that committee to associate at least ten people from the village officials domain. This is an island-wide national program. Today we start. Our aim is to employ the young people from here as soon as possible and create a group of friendly workers who will be perfect for the future world.

    Children from our vocational training institutes are coming here. Those kids are already dressed like a decision to change. People dressed like Narses have come here. There will be a great opportunity for Caregiver nurses in the future world. We need to get training for those professions. Vocational training institutes have started working. That is very good. I went to Kataragama temple this morning. 300 students are taught Korean with the money of Kataragama temple. Everyone started to build up these students.

    Colombo Hotel School came to Kataragama and taught another 150 students a hotel course. All 150 of them have been promised jobs at Shangri-La as soon as they complete their training. When I came to Dubai, I had a discussion with a huge company called IWH. They are ready to train 100 employees every six months to work in their hotels all over the world including the state of Dubai. There is a big vacuum in the hotel sector. Also, a large number of jobs have been created in the field of nursing, and also in the field of shipbuilding in Korea. There are currently twenty thousand jobs in the agricultural sector in Israel that comes with a good salary.

    Last Friday, the transport minister of Israel came and met me. She is asking for trained workers for massive projects. We teach to develop the mind that goes there with the training that suits the world. The false heroes who hate the world, who fight and protest to divide the world cannot solve your future.”

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