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    “Are you Running For the Presidential Election?” – Here’s Ranil’s Answer to India

    President Ranil Wickramasinghe says that in order to become president again, he must contest the next presidential election and his focus is first and foremost on restoring the country’s economy and getting out of debt.

    The president, who is currently on an official visit to Australia, said in an interview with Sidhanth Sibal, the diplomatic correspondent of the Indian media channel WION in Perth that both the presidential and parliamentary elections in Sri Lanka are scheduled to be held this year and the provincial council elections will be held next year.

    Answering the question asked by journalist Sidhanth Sibal about whether he will run for the next presidential election, the President said, “I have come to put the country’s economy in order. My first duty is to focus on that, and get us out of bankruptcy.”

    The President said that Sri Lanka would not have been able to survive without India’s support by providing a loan of US$ 04 billion when the country suffered a severe economic collapse and he thanked India for that. The President also mentioned that he will focus on strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

    Answering the question raised by the journalist about what is the idea of being able to bring the country to some stability quickly after the serious economic collapse, the President said that he is satisfied with that. The President also said that he believes that this (rebuilding the country) can be accomplished.

    Below is the full interview of the President with the Indian media channel WION.

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    1. Well spoken, if it was tge Rajapakse’s they wouldn’t have spoken so well.
      As for him contesting, we know he is depending on his success to let the country vote him in again which will not happen I think. But interesting speach to take note of.

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