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    Decision on Allowances of GCE A/L Examiners

    The government has taken steps to pay a minimum aggregate allowance of Rs. 2,000.00 to 2023 (2024) GCE (Advanced Level) examination examiners.

    The Council of Ministers has approved the payment of the minimum aggregate allowance paid to the examiners participating in the GCE (AdvancedLevel) exam answer sheet evaluation tasks from Rs. 1,450 to Rs. 2,000.

    Also, the revised stipends paid for the evaluation of the 2022 (2023) GCE Advanced Examination have also been approved for the evaluation work of the 2023 (2024) GCE (Advanced) Examination for the Chief Controlling Inspectors, Joint Controlling Inspectors, Chief Inspectors and Additional Chief Inspectors participating in evaluations.

    Accordingly, the Sri Lanka Examinations Department is proceeding to pay the above-revised allowances to the assessment staff of the 2023 (2024) GCE Advanced Level Examination.

    Below is the announcement of the Ministry of Education in that regard.

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