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    A Firearms Smuggler who is Related to the Beliatta Murder Case was Arrested

    The Hakmana Police have identified the person who took the two T56 firearms to hide that were used to shoot and kill five people including the leader of Ape Janabala Party in Beliaatta, and arrested him in Dodanduwa.

    The suspect is a 34-year-old resident of Rathgama. Police have also taken into custody the motorcycle used to transport the 02 firearms.

    After killing the five people including Saman Perera, the two shooters had gone down from Kamburupitiya and Akuressa. It is said that the person who drove the jeep in which the shooters were traveling in this attack went to the house of Saman Kumara, who was the person who led the attack from Sri Lanka, and left during the night. He boarded the jeep when it was being taken to stop at a parking lot in Galle.

    According to the investigation, the two firearms were hidden in Saman Kumara’s house in Akurassa until the 23rd. According to the instructions given by Boosse Harsha from Dubai, Saman Kumara kept the two firearms on his motorcycle and took them to Akuressa at around 6.30 am on the 23rd. There, the two weapons were given to a person who came from another motorcycle according to the instructions given by Harsha.

    Investigations have revealed that the Rathgama resident suspect who was arrested in Dodanduwa had taken the two weapons from Saman Kumara in Akurassa and brought them to Karapitiya and given them to another person.

    The police have taken into custody two phones, including the mobile phone from which calls were made to this person from Dubai, and police information stated that the investigation is ongoing and he is being held at the Beliatta police station.

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