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    Prisons Fill Up – Some Government Buildings are being Turned into Prisons

    It is reported that two buildings belonging to the government have been decided to be used for running prisons.

    The Ministry of Justice and Prison Reforms has taken this decision because it is said that a group of suspects and prisoners have to be detained in the prisons more than twice the capacity of the existing prisons.

    According to the existing facilities in the prisons, there is only space for 13000 inmates.

    But now there are more than 32000 detainees.

    It is reported that the Ministry of Prison Reforms is considering using several buildings of the Leprosy Hospital in Handala and old hospital buildings in Batticaloa for this purpose.

    It is also stated that discussions have been held with the Ministry of Health to convert these buildings into prisons.

    A 24-hour round-the-clock ‘Yukthiya’ drug raid operation is also underway to cover the entire island.

    It is being done under the full supervision of Acting Inspector General of Police Mr. Deshbandu Tennakoon on the advice of Minister of Public Security, Mr. Tiran Alas.

    The aim is to rehabilitate drug addicts by arresting them and suppressing the networks of drug traffickers and distributors.

    About 838 suspects have been arrested under this operation.

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