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    QR Code for Three-Wheeler Drivers

    Mr. Manusha Nanayakkara, Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment, says that considering the proposal to introduce a QR code related to the registration of all those who are currently working as three-wheeler drivers, steps will be taken to introduce the new code within a very short period of time.

    The Minister assured this when the Interim Sectoral Steering Committee was established today (16) as the first stage of the establishment of the Professional Council of Three-wheeler Drivers.

    Accordingly, this Interim Steering Committee is going to operate until the establishment of the Professional Council for Three-Wheeler Drivers to ensure the professionalism and social security of the Three-Wheeler drivers.

    This interim sectoral committee consists of representatives of all Three-Wheeler drivers’ associations operating in the country.

    A proposal was also presented to the minister today, which includes the matters agreed upon in the discussions held earlier regarding the development of the dignity of their profession.

    The Minister also mentioned that steps will be taken to gazette the proposals under the new Health Protection Act by providing the legal background for the enforcement of these proposals.

    Meanwhile, the Interim Sectoral Committee also expressed its agreement to join the awareness programs to be conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment about the ‘Garusaru’ program throughout the island.

    Also, there was a discussion regarding the preparation of a system by the professional organization for Three-Wheeler drivers that enables them to get rides through the Internet.

    While the committee members expressed their happiness for the program carried out by the minister to develop the professionalism and service quality of Three-Wheeler drivers, the committee members also pointed out that there are some obstacles in the further work of their organization in some government institutions.

    Accordingly, the committee members pointed out that the delay in revising the National Traffic Commission Act has become a serious challenge, and the minister who acted there took steps to inform the officials of the Law Drafting Department in this regard.

    Speaking here, the minister mentioned that the professionalism of Three-Wheeler drivers and their standards should be prepared by themselves and as the minister, he will only prepare the necessary legal background to enforce those proposals.

    The minister also assured that under no circumstances will private sector insurance companies or any other parties be involved in social security activities.

    Accordingly, the Minister further emphasized that these new social security systems will be implemented on the basis of full government intervention as well as the current social security systems in this country.

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    1. We should first bring in a law stipulating the age limit to 35 and above to obtain a driving license for three wheelers. This will compel the youth to undergo training to be skilled workers, which will help the country and their future in obtaining a job overseas.
      Which part of the world can they apply to go as three wheel drivers?
      Our politicians never want to educate or uplift the poor because they know – the educated will never go behind crooks !

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