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    “Canada is safe haven for terrorism” – India

    Further escalating the Indo-Canada crisis, India has accused Canada of becoming a safe haven for terrorists.

    Indian Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi had stated this while addressing the media on Friday. The spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said that Canada should also be concerned about its international image when accusing India.

    He further stated, “If there is a country where you are talking about defamation and looking into it, I think it should be Canada.” Today, Canada is becoming a safe haven for terrorists and extremists.”

    Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also mentioned that the Indian government has stopped giving visas to Canadians to enter India. The spokesman said, “The real problem is the increase in violence. There, the Canadian authorities are working to create an environment in which the work of our High Commission is hampered. That is why it has become a challenge for us to provide services including providing visas.

    This has been able to have a strong impact globally, which is shown to increase the light situation presented by Canada and India day by day.
    Accordingly, it shows the signs that the United States of America is intervening in this conflict. United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has also intervened in this conflict. The US Secretary of State has stated here that the Government of India should provide support for the investigations conducted by Canada.

    However, the United States also seems to be very defensive in this situation. The main reason for that is because India is a very important partner for the Western countries led by America.

    India has become the fifth largest economy in the world and India has become a very important partner to face the strongest challenge of the United States, China. Accordingly, spoiling the existing friendship between India would be a very important step to defuse the situation as it would be a serious loss for the United States.

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